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The Jewels of Chicago is your iPhone Repair, Cell phone Repair & Screen Replacement Center | Fix broken cellular phones

The Jewels of Chicago can fix your Smartphone at our state of the art cell phone repair center. Our highly trained technicians can repair most cell phones and Smartphones including iPhone, Blackberry, AT&T, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Pantech, Samsung, Tmobile Sidekick, Sony Ericsson, Verizon and many other cellular phones.

Our most popular cell phone repair services are broken cell phone screen repairs, cracked smartphone glass, glass touchscreen digitizer repair, water damaged cellphone repair or a cellular phone that has been exposed to moisture or humidity causing it to short out. We can also fix your broken, loose or non functional cell phone charge port or charger, bad microphone, speaker, loud speaker, ringer and the list goes on and on.

We also carry a large inventory of cell phone parts and we can get parts for every phone ever made. The best part is that we repair your phone while you wait so you can get connected quickly.

Cell Phone Accessories
We carry a full line of new cell phone accessories from Otterbox, Belkin, Speck, and others. Our offerings include cell phone cases, car chargers, home chargers, batteries, battery doors, wireless bluetooth headsets, stylus pens, memory cards …